About DSecured

About DSecured

DSecured is a German IT security company that offers services such as penetration testing and red teaming, as well as consulting for international clients. We specialize in all aspects of perimeter security (web applications, mobile applications, OSINT, threat intelligence, darknet intelligence).

Our team consists of experienced security experts who have a wide range of experience in both offensive and defensive IT security.

Damian Strobel

Founder & Penetration tester

Majd Atiyat

Penetration tester & consultant

Patrik Fehrenbach

Penetration tester & Bug Bounty Expert

Core Values & Corporate Philosophy

Customer Orientation

In our company, the satisfaction of our customers is the priority. We do everything we can to develop solutions that meet their specific requirements and goals.


Our work is characterized by unwavering integrity, as we adhere uncompromisingly to ethical principles and industry standards to ensure the trust and security of our customers.


Driven by our constant curiosity, we push the boundaries of what is possible, always seeking new ways to improve the IT security of our clients and exceed their expectations.


Our pursuit of innovation allows us to develop forward-thinking security solutions that protect our clients against current and future threats.


We place great emphasis on maintaining the relevance of our solutions by continuously adapting to the dynamic landscape of IT security and updating our offerings accordingly.


We believe in the importance of transparency in all our business relationships, so that our clients are always fully informed about the strategies and methods we use to protect their IT environments.

Company history


Founding of DSecured. Development of a new eASM with a broader focus (Darknet Intelligence, Brand Protection, OSINT) and capabilities to monitor large portions of the internet.


Asset deal with a NASDAQ company. eASM "NEO" becomes part of the product portfolio of an American/Israeli corporation. Damian becomes VP of Cyber products.


eASM Platform "NEO" officially launches


Damian Strobel becomes Partner & CTO in an international IT security company. His mission: To improve the external IT security of corporations with the help of automation, proven penetration testing and red teaming, as well as methods from bug bounty hunting.


The first prototype of a software solution for continuous monitoring is released and finds critical security gaps in the infrastructure of PayPal, Uber, and other US corporations.



Various employees possess certificates such as OSCP or CEH. However, for us, demonstrable success and creativity count more - so certificates are not a requirement for our employees. On our part, however, it is no problem to assemble a team in advance that meets the regulatory requirements of the client - in this regard, we provide advisory support.