It's time to reconsider your cybersecurity posture!

DSecured can help you with all important issues in the field of offensive IT security. Protect sensitive data of your company and reduce the risk of successful cyberattacks.


Penetration testing

Focused search for security vulnerabilities in your software products and servers.

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Argos Security Platform

Continuous monitoring of your infrastructure with regard to security gaps & problems.

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Darknet Intelligence

Search for information relevant to you, such as documents and access data, on the Darknet.

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Red Teaming

Simulation of real attacks on your company including people, infrastructure and processes.

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Phishing exercises

Simulation of phishing attacks using deceptively real emails and GenAI.

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Bug Bounty Consultation

Assisting in the design and implementation of complex bug bounty programs.

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Damian Strobel

Damian has an engineering degree from the Technical University of Berlin and has been working in various positions in the field of IT security for 15 years. Most recently he was CTO and partner in a German IT security company, where he was responsible for the development of an eASM and for the operation of Managed Security Services. His eASM software was acquired by a NASDAQ company, he joined this company as VP of Cyber Products. Since innovation and entrepreneurship are his passion, Damian decided to found the cybersecurity company “DSecured” in 2023.

His knowledge and experience in software engineering and IT security are the basis for the development of the Argos Security Platform, a system that makes the work of red teams and penetration testers easier.

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DSecured is a German IT security company that offers penetration testing, red teaming and consulting. The team consists of certified penetration testers, SOC analysts and engineers. Furthermore, it is important to be able to prove our expertise, which is why all of our employees are very active in legally attacking large corporations such as PayPal or Tesla as part of bug bounty programs and reporting what they find - this is publicly visible.

Our names can be found on Leaderboards of portals such as HackerOne or BugCrowd as well as on "Hall of Fames" from Apple, Google and Co.

Our team is not faceless, we love what we do and want to give our customers a good feeling when they decide to work with us.

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We analyze your needs and create a customized security plan.


We search for security holes, IT problems, shadow IT & leaks!


You receive regular, clear reports on the security status of your system.

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