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We assist you in preparing for the launch of your own bug bounty program, manage it, and handle communication with ethical hackers.

Bug bounty programs are a wonderful tool to complement penetration testing. Defining, setting up and managing such a program involves many challenges - we know the perspective of both the "ethical hacker" and the responsible program manager.

Why should a bug bounty program be part of your strategy?

In today's world, cyber threats pose a constant challenge to the security of your IT infrastructure. Integrating a bug bounty program into your IT security strategy is not only a proactive but also a cost-conscious measure. It makes it possible to leverage the expertise of a global community to identify and resolve potential vulnerabilities in a timely manner.

A bug bounty program also strengthens your company image by showing that you take the security and protection of customer data seriously. It also helps you comply with legal requirements and avoid possible sanctions.

Bug Bounty Program on a platform of your choice


Is it really the right tool? Advantages disadvantages?

Creation of the rules and selection of suitable hackers



Fixing common issues

Continuous monitoring and focused penetration testing


Communication with hackers, filtering valuable findings

Procedure for setting up a bug bounty program

The challenge in this area is to set up the program in a way that makes sense, doesn't waste money, and doesn't weigh you down with additional workload. To do this, you need to understand what you are facing and what are the typical issues that can cause frustration for both you and the ethical hackers.

1: Consulting

Bug bounty programs are relatively new. From the customer's perspective, it should be understood under what circumstances something like this makes sense, what is necessary and what can be expected. The program should be planned in detail in advance - this includes, for example, the selection of the scope, optimal rewards, the selection of suitable ethical hackers from a pool of thousands of people and the creation of a set of rules that will be accepted by the hackers.
Topics such as (valid) critical findings in assets that are actually "out of scope" are also an issue here - just like how "bug bounty hunters" really work - a topic that many operators underestimate.

2: Preparation

It makes no sense to start a bug bounty program unprepared. We can also help here. This means that typical vulnerabilities can be searched for relatively quickly and efficiently or more complex pentests can be carried out. It usually makes sense to know in advance what the entire attack surface looks like - especially if a program is planned in which the ethical hackers are allowed to attack the entire company or a large infrastructure or wildcard domain is in scope.
In general, the goal here should be to direct the expenditure burden in the future bug bounty program so that the program is a reasonable supplement to the company's regular IT security.

3: Triage

After starting a bug bounty program, you can expect the first reports quickly. These must be “triaged”, it must be checked whether something relevant was actually found and how serious the security gap is - the reward is paid out on this basis. Longer technical discussions between hackers and triagers regularly take place in this process. We are happy to support our customers here too.
This area also includes retesting of finds and a successful completion of the process, which should aim to ensure everyone's satisfaction.

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