Phishing exercises

Reality shows that attackers extremely often use phishing, usually spear phishing, to break into companies or gain a foothold in this way. The employees are the weakest link in the chain. You can put your employees to the test with our phishing exercises.

What is Phishing?

The word phishing is a combination of the English words for “password” and “fishing/fishing” (Password+Fishing = Phishing). It describes a common tactic used by cybercriminals to achieve a specific goal. This target can - as the name suggests - be a user's access data. But other information such as credit card numbers and the like could also be the target. A (successful) phishing attack is often the beginning of, among other things, ransomware attacks.

In the context of companies, so-called spear phishing attacks are being carried out more and more frequently. Here, employees of a company are specifically contacted in order to obtain sensitive information. The attackers pose as trustworthy people in order to deceive employees. The attackers often use information from social networks to deceive employees.
The more an attacker knows about his target, the more sophisticated attacks of this type could be. Especially in connection with GenAI/LLM, very real emails can be prepared quickly, which unfortunately are often not recognized as problems.
The victim clicks on a link, gets ransomware on the (company) computer or enters their access data on a supposedly trustworthy site.

Complementary services

Continuous monitoring

Our platform "Argos" is able to monitor your entire external infrastructure non-stop - so you and we can quickly identify potential problems. The platform looks for and reports anomalies to us.

Red Teaming

Red teaming combines all IT security disciplines to achieve a defined goal. If you are confident that your infrastructure and applications are secure, red teaming is a solid tool to ensure they stay that way.

Darknet Intelligence

Too often we are part of highly complex technical penetration tests, but these do not prevent employee data from being leaked on the Internet for the portal being tested. As a customer you should know about it!

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