Darknet Intelligence

A popular gateway for ransomware attacks is data available on the dark web. These can contain company internals or, for example, access data. You should know about this as soon as possible!

What is Darknet Intelligence?

Darknet Intelligence (DARKINT) is basically the search for documents and data that belong to a company. These searches primarily take place on the so-called Darknet - this includes, for example, various hacker forums and Telegram channels. We search these sources for your data.

Our practice shows time and time again that customers who are technically at a very high level and regularly check their systems using penetration tests or red teaming completely ignore the topic of OSINT. This means that it is relatively easy to find, for example, valid employee access data on the Darknet. This means attackers can steal sensitive information relatively easily and unnoticed or even infect the entire network with ransomware. In addition to the classic "leaked" access data, the findings can help, for example, to protect your own brand more effectively and to detect upcoming phishing campaigns more quickly.

Complementary services

Continuous monitoring

Our platform "Argos" is able to monitor your entire external infrastructure non-stop - so you and we can quickly identify potential problems. The platform looks for and reports anomalies to us.

Red Teaming

Red teaming combines all IT security disciplines to achieve a defined goal. If you are confident that your infrastructure and applications are secure, red teaming is a solid tool to ensure they stay that way.

Darknet Intelligence

Too often we are part of highly complex technical penetration tests, but these do not prevent employee data from being leaked on the Internet for the portal being tested. As a customer you should know about it!

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