Spring Boot Penetration Testing

Our trained eyes will find every vulnerability in your Spring Boot application. A final report allows you to quickly close all security gaps so that your customers are safe.

Our specialized penetration tests uncover potential security vulnerabilities in your Spring Boot application before they can be exploited. With in-depth knowledge and state-of-the-art methods, we can ensure that hackers have no chance of stealing your data.

Penetration testing

What is a Spring Boot penetration test?

Spring Boot is an open source framework based on Java. It is primarily used in the enterprise sector for programming complex web applications, APIs and SaaS. This means that a Spring Boot pentest is basically a web application pentest specialized for Java applications. As with any other web application, we look for classic security vulnerabilities that are often seen and expected in this area. With Spring Boot in particular, other topics are also dealt with, such as the surrounding network, developer environments with developer mode activated and much more. The procedure for this type of pentest is generally always the same. We start with getting to know each other and a kick-off meeting. We then move on to information gathering and implementation. Finally, the customer receives a final report with all the details. These can be discussed in a meeting.

Why should you have your Spring Boot application tested?

In our experience, Java applications are often very complex and have many dependencies. They are used in the enterprise sector and are an attractive target for hackers. An attacker can be quite sure that the database behind a Spring Boot application contains interesting data. Areas in which Spring Boot is used are often affected by regulatory requirements. A successful attack can therefore not only cause financial damage, but also damage the company's image.

This alone should be reason enough to carry out a penetration test by DSecured.

Damian Strobel

"We love Spring Boot. It's powerful and allows developers to make a lot of mistakes. From an attacker's point of view, I really like to see this kind of application."

Damian Strobel - Founder of DSecured

Improve the security of your Spring Boot application with a penetration test from DSecured.

How much does a Spring Boot Pentest cost?

The costs for a pentest in the area of web applications can vary greatly, which is why you should simply present your project to us in order to receive meaningful information or a quote. In contrast to other frameworks, Spring or Spring Boot is often seen in larger projects or in use for complex projects. The cost of a pentest is generally influenced by time, complexity and other factors. Most Spring Boot pentests that we have carried out in the past have been in the region of 7,500 euros or more. Depending on the situation, it can be less or significantly more. We would be happy to provide you with a quote.

Static analysis with FindSecBugs

A good interim solution for small budgets is to actually analyze the code statically. We would like to recommend FindSecBugs for this. The setup is a little more complex, but the tool finds interesting places in the Java source code. This should be scrutinized by an IT security expert. It is important to understand what exactly is found and what the context is - not everything the tool finds is actually a security vulnerability that can be exploited. In general, however, this is a good start to hardening your own Spring Boot project.

Java Spring Boot Pentest

What vulnerabilities are found during a Spring Boot Pentest?

Red Teaming

Spring or Spring Boot is ultimately a Java framework that is primarily used to implement web applications - you can expect the OWASP Top 10 accordingly. XSS, path traversals and code injections are gaps that we frequently find. SQL injections are less common. SSTI and IDOR are also something that can be found in Spring Boot projects. In general, depending on the program code, anything could be found. The experience of the development team and development processes play a major role.

Red Teaming

Many Java developers are unaware of the dangers that Spring Boot entails. The Actuator endpoints are primarily mentioned here. These are usually (especially env, gateway and heapdump) critical findings, as they reveal sensitive information. You can often see "******" in the end endpoint, but these values can usually be easily reconstructed via the heap dump with VisualVM or similar. This data can often be used to completely take over entire infrastructures (in the case of AWS access data).

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