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DSecured offers Symfony penetration tests by experienced experts! We search for security vulnerabilities, you receive a report. Together we protect your application.

Our specialists utilize advanced testing methodologies to identify and remediate security flaws in your Symfony framework. We provide comprehensive assessments to safeguard your data and maintain your application's integrity.

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Is a Symfony penetration test worth it?

If your Symfony web application is located within the internal network or if personal data or financial transaction data can be found in the application's database, then a Symfony penetration test is worthwhile. From a hacker's perspective, PHP applications such as Symfony are a comparatively easy target. The attack surface is large and the security gaps are numerous.

At the same time, the quality of the programming often suffers from the time pressure under which many of these applications are developed. With the help of our Symfony penetration tests, you can close serious security gaps before they are exploited by hackers. If you are an agency operator, you can ensure that your customer receives a secure application.

How does a Symfony pentest work and what are the costs?

Below you will find an overview of relevant information on the topic of penetration testing - this includes types of pentests, costs, potential savings, procedure and recommendations. In general, a Symfony pentest is nothing more than a regular web application pentest in which we use a tester who is familiar with Symfony - for example, because he uses it himself. This ensures that things are found during the tests that other testers might miss.

Initially, we talk about the test, plan it together with the customer, gather all the relevant information and then sit down as a team to test the application. The final step is a report and a meeting. You then have time to correct the findings and we then check whether everything has been done correctly. As far as costs are concerned, it depends very much on the size and complexity of the project. A simple Symfony pentest can cost 3,000 euros. For larger projects, for example SaaS based on Symfony, prices can start at 7,500 euros. We recommend that you contact us for a customized quote. SaaS Penetration Testing

Damian Strobel

"PHP frameworks generally make it easier to create web applications - but also the introduction of very specific security vulnerabilities."

Damian Strobel - Founder of DSecured

Improve the security of your Symfony application with a penetration test from DSecured.

What security vulnerabilities do we find in Symfony applications?

Symfony is generally based on the PHP language. Our findings look accordingly. Since Symfony is usually used together with a solid ORM, SQL injections are quite rare. However, Symfony is often combined with a template engine such as Twig. This often results in server-side template injections, which often lead to remote code execution. This problem is particularly common within email templates. Depending on the type of application, there are basically all kinds of problems - from cross-site scripting and CSRF to insecure configurations, the latter often occurring when dotenv is used, for example. As Symfony is extremely flexible, it is often difficult to estimate in advance what will be found. The software quality also plays a major role, of course; if the application is maintained by a team of experienced PHP developers, security vulnerabilities are harder to find.

Another point is the type of application. We mostly see web applications. Every now and then we see pure API based on Symfony - here the attack scenario changes. Security vulnerabilities here are more complex in nature (combination of small problems that can become critical). The majority of such cases also involve authentication and authorization problems as well as classic IDOR. At this point we recommend the API Pentest page.

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