Typo3 Penetration Testing

Uncover vulnerabilities in your Typo3 environment with cutting-edge penetration testing. Safeguard your digital assets and ensure robust security against potential threats.

Our comprehensive penetration testing services for Typo3 delve deep into your system, identifying hidden weaknesses and ensuring compliance with industry standards. By simulating real-world attacks, we provide actionable insights to fortify your security infrastructure. Enhance your defense mechanisms and protect your website from evolving cyber threats.

Penetration testing

Why should you do a Typo3 penetration test?

Typo3 is a popular content management system (CMS) and is used by many companies to build and manage websites. Even more complex projects, such as digital platforms, large web portals or corporate wikis are often implemented with Typo3. This makes Typo3 an interesting target for hackers. A vulnerability in the Typo3 installation quickly leads to the entire server being compromised and customer data being stolen. As Typo3 is based on the PHP programming language, there are a large number of freely available plugins that extend the system. It is easy to write such plugins yourself - and this is where many mistakes happen.

How much does a Typo3 pentest cost?

It depends on what the actual scope of the pentest is. It usually makes no sense to test the entire Typo3. Instead, you should concentrate on Typo3 plugins and everything that has been developed by third parties. Depending on the size of the installation and the form of the pentest report, a Typo3 pentest can cost around 1,000 to 5,000 euros.

Damian Strobel

"Typo3 unfortunately repeatedly suffers from the publication of critical security vulnerabilities in popular plugins. You have to be careful!"

Damian Strobel - Founder of DSecured

Improve the security of your Typo3 application with a penetration test from DSecured.

Is a Typo3 penetration test worthwhile for everyone?

As always in IT security: it depends. The easiest way to determine whether a penetration test against your Typo3 system is worthwhile is to ask yourself what if ...

  • ... the site is suddenly full of spam or Viagra advertising? Will your own customers like that?
  • ... a competitor or hacker can access the data in the database? What will they find? User data and employee data? Internal company data?
  • ... the site is offline? Will I lose money? Will my employees become less efficient?

Did one of the questions/statements make you feel queasy? Then a security test could be really worthwhile and useful. If you use Typo3 privately and have no sensitive data on the site, then you can honestly save yourself an expensive penetration test.

Is a Typo3 penetration test worthwhile for everyone?

Typo3 - whitebox or blackbox pentest?

When it comes to Typo3, we can act as an external attacker. The attacker has no information and must first obtain it. This approach is generally referred to as a black box approach. The opposite of this is the whitebox pentest. In this case, the attacker or penetration tester has access to all information, including the source code.

If you are interested in a Typo3 pentest by DSecured, we recommend the Whitebox penetration test at this point. We look at all custom developments in your Typo3 installation and check them for vulnerabilities. This makes much more sense than the black box approach.

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