Laravel penetration testing

We search for security vulnerabilities in your Laravel application. Our advantage: We use Laravel ourselves and know it inside out!

Our experienced penetration testers will thoroughly analyze your Laravel web application and identify potential vulnerabilities. Let us take your digital security to the next level!

Laravel Pentest

Penetration testing for Laravel

DSecured loves Laravel - why?

Because we use it ourselves - be it for this site or our Argos eASM. This perspective on a Laravel app ensures that we know every nook and cranny here and know what is being done wrong time and time again.

Security benefits of Laravel

Laravel is a modern PHP framework that makes it relatively difficult for developers to introduce classic security vulnerabilities. Eloquent protects against SQL injections, Blade against XSS and the facades, such as File or Session, are more secure than the standard PHP functions. We haven't seen the really big blunders for a long time!

Our approach to a Laravel penetration test

Ultimately, we treat a Laravel application like any other web application (see Webapp Pentest). We look at what makes sense and what fits into the budget. We discuss what kind of pentest makes sense. Most of our Laravel penetration tests take place as black box tests (see Types of a pentest). This means that we are usually provided with a demo system and the corresponding access data. After the test, we write a detailed pentest report including a management summary and discuss the results with you. If required, we can also take over the retesting.

Customer benefits of a Laravel penetration test

A penetration test for your Laravel application offers numerous advantages:

  • Improved security: Identification and elimination of vulnerabilities protects your application from attacks and data loss.
  • Protection against data leaks: By ensuring that no unauthorized access to sensitive data is possible, you minimize the risk of data leaks.
  • Ensuring compliance: meeting legal and industry-specific security requirements to avoid penalties and reputational damage.
  • Increase customer confidence: Proven security measures increase your customers' confidence in your application.
  • Cost savings: Early detection and elimination of security vulnerabilities are more cost-effective than repairing the damage after a successful attack.

How much does a Laravel penetration test cost?

Hard to say without knowing the system. Below is the general article "How much does a penetration test cost?". There is an overview and some examples including prices. In general, it always depends on the size and complexity, depth and scope of the test. A simple test can start at €1,000, while a comprehensive test can cost up to €20,000.

Damian Strobel

"Laravel is a fantastic web framework that prevents many security vulnerabilities - but it cannot offer one hundred percent protection."

Damian Strobel - Gründer von DSecured

Let us fortify your Laravel application with a penetration test.

Is a Laravel penetration test worth it?

It depends - as always. A good indication is if you know that sensitive data is stored in the application's database. This includes personal data or financial transactions. Another good reason is the network within which the Laravel application was installed. If a successful compromise of the web app would ensure that other applications or servers in the network would also be at risk, then a Laravel penetration test also makes sense.

It is always worth asking yourself:

  • What happens if my Laravel application suddenly stops working?
  • What do I do if my website is defaced? What will my customers think?
  • What do I do if I am blackmailed because someone has stolen the user information from the Laravel database?

Penetration testing for Laravel developers and Laravel agencies

A Laravel pentest does not have to be elaborate and complex. We often receive requests to test small parts of a customer application. The client is often not the customer themselves, but the web agency responsible for the software. In this case, the issue is often not compliance and there is no need for complex reports. The crucial question is: can we deliver this to our customer? DSecured ensures that your customers have no security vulnerabilities in Laravel applications. Just send us an e-mail and we'll see how we can work together.

Is a Laravel penetration test worth it?

Which security vulnerabilities are typical for Laravel?

With Laravel in particular, you tend to see problems in the configuration, use of gates and policies. It can quickly happen that a user has too many rights and can access all data - the classic IDOR. The use of middleware and protection against XSS is also often not consistently enforced.

Although Eloquent offers good protection against SQL injections, it also allows you to build your own queries with the help of DB::raw(). Here it can quickly happen that an SQL injection is possible after all. Small subtleties of the Laravel Framework can lead to problems depending on the context. Examples of this are mass assignment problems or the non-use of $hidden in models.

When we talk about critical security vulnerabilities in our latest Laravel penetration tests, it's always primarily about code injections or deserialization attacks using unserialize(). Every now and then you see developers using this PHP function in their web applications - Laravel is no exception.

Every Laravel application is different. Let us test your Laravel application for security vulnerabilities. Protect your user data and your reputation.

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